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Quali[fying] + C[urriculum] V[itae]
We offer a straight forward employment screening and recruitment service based on our QualiCV formula .  Sign up here to get the process started right away.
Submit the CV of your top candidates and indicate the background checks you need us to run. We offer credit, criminal, driver's licence, resident & citizenship, employment history, educational, character reference and other pre-employment related background checks for every job and industry type.  Job seekers benefit by giving prospective employers independently completed background checks and reference checks professionally done by QualiCV.  Prospective employers will be able to verify the information you provide with QualiCV after we've received your consent to share this information. 
Utilizing our database of verified candidates, QualiCV operates as a generalist recruitment firm while serving companies all over South Africa.   The basis of our service is integrity.  If a candidate wishes to be shortlisted for any of our advertised vacancies, they must pass our rigorous verification process that entails character reference checks, employment history verification, educational background checks, job requirement verification, and various other background screening processes that are relevant to the position they apply for. 


Information is only valuable when it is accurate, applicable and true. QualiCV obtains and confirms valuable information so that our clients can make the right hiring decision.  We believe that integrity is a virtue that all job seekers and employers must adhere to in order to build and maintain a successful trust relationship.  We play a role in establishing the trust relationship between employers and employees even before the relationship begins. Our team is made up of Generalist Human Resources, Recruitment and Tracing professionals who are passionate about finding and confirming the valuable information employers need in order to make informed decisions when expanding their professional teams.  

Image by Adeolu Eletu


" The basis of the trust relationship between the employer and employee is the ability to share  accurate, applicable and true information. "

Image by Adeolu Eletu


Feel free to send us a message via our website contact form below. 

Our office hours are Mondays till Fridays, 08:00 till 17:00.

Tel:  +27 21 204 8284

Fax:  +27 86 606 8402  


Head Office:  45 First Avenue,

Boston, Bellville, 7530

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 670, Bellville, 7535 - Docex 7, Bellville

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