What is Pre-Employment Screening and Why Should I Care?

Let's face it, most of us only update our CV information when we apply for new positions. For the job seeker, this is the most important piece of documentation to submit because it gives an overview of our most basic personal particulars, educational achievements and work related experiences.

Employers use this as a starting point, but they need more. Generally, once they have sorted through the various applications, they compile a shortlist of candidates to invite for interviews. Somewhere in this process they are going to make sure that the information you provide them with during your interview and on your CV is correct. This is where things either go very wrong or very right for candidates...

Pre-employment screening refers to a process that is traditionally initiated by the employer to verify, confirm and investigate the job applicants employment and educational background along with a number of other important aspects that could potentially influence the trust relationship, including but not limited to criminal records, credit records, driver's licence status, citizenship status, etc.

The aim of the game is not to always penalise applicants based on their past but rather to determine the truthfulness of the applicant during the application process. The employer needs to know that the information you provide is true and accurate before they can make their final decision. If the employer continues to hire you and later finds out that you have mislead them by providing false information, this gives them just cause to initiate disciplinary action. Not the best way to start a new employment relationship. Pre-employment screening will greatly determine the final hiring decision for the employer.

Remember, honesty is the best policy when applying for job opportunities.

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