What Do The Latest Unemployment Stats Mean To Job Seekers?

For a third quarter in a row, the South African unemployment rate is at 27,7%, a record high since 2003.  The announcement by Statistics South Africa on Tuesday, 31 October 2017, leaves many wondering how to interpret these statistics and what job seekers can do to improve their chances at securing employment.

Industries show different behavior in employment patterns.  The Finance and Business sectors and the Community, Social and Personal Services sectors have seen job growth of around 124 000 while the Manufacturing, Construction and Agriculture sectors have seen some 105 000 jobs lost.  The greatest challenge presented with the most recent statistics is that job growth shows an overall 92 000 opportunities while the job market has gained an additional 33 000 job seekers.  The expanded unemployment rate, that includes people who are able and willing to work but have stopped seeking for opportunities, has risen with 0,2% to 36,8% in the third quarter.  Job seekers are in a highly competitive market. Some simply give up.

6,2 million South Africans are without work according to these figures. 75 000 more people are "discouraged job seekers" in the third term than in the second term, a staggering 2,4 million people. 

There are opportunities available for job seekers who do not give up but there are many options for employers in the recruitment process.  In order for job seekers to get the edge, many job seekers falsify their CV's and documentation, even if it is just a small detail that they change.  This only contributes to the economical problems in the country as the trust relationship between an employer and employee is based on lies.  The employer wastes precious time, resources, training and opportunity costs on employees who do not have integrity and, in a likely scenario,  will eventually be caught out due to their inability to perform on the expressed standards.

Employers have started to rely greatly on pre-employment screening to ensure that they are not caught off-guard by job seekers who present false information.  If you are a job seeker and you are desperately looking for work, show employers that you have integrity and that you have nothing to hide.  Use the pre-employment screening tools available via QualiCV to ensure that employers see you as a trustworthy applicant from the start of the process already.

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* The statistics presented are acquired by Statistics South Africa on 31 October 2017. Visit http://www.statssa.gov.za/?page_id=1854&PPN=P0211&SCH=6814 for more details.

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